James Richmond

James Richmond

Senior - Inside Sales


James has been in the tourism and travel industry for the past 6 years. Starting out as a reservations consultant and now is the Senior Inside Sales and Reservations consultant for Cruise World & New Zealand Traveller. Travel and cruise is a real passion for him, watching a new land expand over the horizon as you cruise into port is such a thrill. James has travelled a lot around our beautiful country New Zealand, from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island. From knowledge and experience, and travelling around New Zealand, when Covid-19 came along and the borders closed, James worked with the team to create unique and boutique packages with interesting content to give New Zealanders so they can share in the wonderful experiences and explore their own backyard.

Destinations Visited

New Zealand; Australia; New Caledonia; Vanuatu; Canada; USA – California, Alaska

Cruise Lines/Ships sailed with

Seabourn –Encore; UnCruise Alaska – Safari Endeavour; P&O South Pacific Cruises; Costa Cruises; Real Journeys